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Turquoise and coral interchangeable clasps
Turquoise and coral interchangeable clasps
This one of a kind piece, entitled -Moonshine-, took 1st place in the 2016 prestigious Saul Bell awards. Hand fabricated from blackened steel, pure platinum inlay, diamonds (VVS clarity E color), with an extraordinary white moonstone. CZD8 $19,140.00
Amethyst and citrine interchangeable clasps
One of a kind necklace that measures 18 inches, hand fabricated from sterling, 18K gold, 22K gold, combined with parrot wing jasper, purple jadeite, black jade, black diamonds and white diamonds. CBOYD448 $8800.00
18K gold pebble necklace with diamond accents that total .30 carats, approximately 17.5 inches, completed by an hook style clasp. BHN140 $9900.00

Necklace featuring black diamond beads that total 39.44 carats with 18K gold accents; 17 inches, toggle clasp. C180940 $9950.00

Reversible vario clasp; one side is covered in white diamonds, the reverse side is set with scattered black and white diamonds. The clasp can be used for pearls or a necklace fitted for the vario system. GL361 WAS $13,750.00 NOW $8250.00
Necklace composed of multi colored sapphires cut in a briolette shape, with 18K gold chain and hydrangea petal motif. BHN153 $6425.00

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